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(Z)-10-Tetradecenyl acetate
(Z)-10-Tetradecenyl acetate

Formula: C16H30O2 
CAS#: 35153-16-3 
MW: 254.41 

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Dots surface:

Reference(s) for synthesis of (Z)-10-Tetradecenyl acetate

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Hendry, L.B, Jugovich, J., Roman, L., Anderson, M.E., and Mumma, R.O. 1974. Cis-10-tetradecenyl acetate, an attractant component in the sex pheromone of the oak leafroller moth (Archips semiferanus Walker). Experientia. 30:886.
Hendry, L.B., Korzeniowski, S.H., Hindenlang, D.M., Kosarych, Z., Mumma, R.O., and Jugovich, J. 1975. An economical synthesis of the major sex attractant ot the oak leafroller - cis-10-tetradecenyl acetate. J. Chem. Ecol. 1:317-322.
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