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Compound - Y11Z13-16OH


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Formula: C16H28O 
CAS#: 88274-91-3 
MW: 236.4 

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Dots surface:

Reference(s) for synthesis of (Z)-13-Hexadecen-11-yn-1-ol

Camps, F., Coll, J., Canela, R., Guerrero, A., and Riba, M. 1981. Synthesis of the two isomers of the potential sex pheromone of Thaumetopoea pityocampa and related model compounds. Chem. Lett. 703-706.
Cardillo, G., Cugola, A., Orena, M., and Sandri, S. 1982. A stereoselective synthesis of (Z)-13-hexadecen-11-ynyl acetate, the sex pheromone of Thaumetopoea pityocampa. Gaz. Chim. Ital. 112:231-234.
Guerrero, A., Camps, F., Coll, J., Riba, M., Einhorn, J., Descoins, C., and Lallemand, Y. 1981. Identification of a potential sex pheromone of the processionary moth, Thaumetopea pityocampa (lepidoptera, notodontidae). Tetrahedron Lett. 22:2013-2016.
Rossi, R., and Carpita, A. 1983. Stereospecific synthesis of (Z)-13 hexadecen-11-yn-1-yl acetate, the sex pheromone of the processionary moth, and of (5Z,7E)-5,7-dodecadien-1-ol, a sex pheromone component of the forest tent caterpillar. Tetrahedron. 39:287-290.

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