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Compound - E8Z10-14Ald


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Formula: C14H24O 
MW: 208.34 

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Dots surface:

Reference(s) for synthesis of (E,Z)-8,10-Tetradecadienal

Francke, W., Franke, S., Bergmann, J., Tolasch, T., Subchev, M., Mircheva, A., Toshova, T., Svatos, A., Kalinova, B., Karpati, Z., Szöcs, G., and Tóth, M. 2002. Female sex pheromone of Cameraria ohridella Desch. and Dim. (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae): structure confirmation, synthesis and biological activity of (8E,10Z)-8,10-tetradecadienal and some analogues. Z. Naturforsch. C. 57:739-752.
Grodner, J. 2009. An alternative synthesis of (8E,10Z)-tetradeca-8,10-dienal, sex pheromone of horse-chestnut leafminer (Cameraria ohridella). Tetrahedron. 65:1648-1654.
Hoskovec, M., Saman, D., and Svatos, A. 2000. Synthesis of (8E,10Z)-tetradeca-8,10-dienal, sex pheromone of horse chestnut leafminer (Cameraria ohridella), and all its geometrical isomers. Coll. Czech. Chem. Comm. 56:511-523.
Svatos, A., Kalinova, B., Hoskovec, M., Kindl, J., Hovorka, O., and Hrdy, I. 1999. Identification of a new Lepidopteran sex pheromone in picogram quantities using an antennal biodetector: (8E,10Z)-tetradeca-8,10-dienal from Cameraria ohridella. Tetrahedron Lett. 40:7011-7014.

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