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Semiochemicals of Cyclocephala atricapilla

Phylum:  Arthropoda
Subphylum:  Uniramia
Class:  Insecta
Order:  Coleoptera
Family:  Scarabaeidae
Subfamily:  Dynastinae
Genus:  Cyclocephala
Tribe:  Cyclocephalini
Author:  Mannerheim
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  Maia ACD  2012  J. Chem. Ecol.  38: 1072   
    4me-5-vinylthiazole    ¦Relative ratio of the component¦   ¦(*) indicates that compound is active¦   A
¦Category of the chemical signal
A -   Attractant
Al -   Allomone
K -   Kairomone
P -   Pheromone
Sy -   Synomone¦
¦Source of the chemical signal
F -   Female
H -   Host (could be of plant or animal origin)
L -   Lure
M -   Male
M&F -   Male and Female
S -   Solider
Q -   Queen
W -   Worker¦
pg -   Picogram
ng -   Nanogram
µg -   Microgram
mg -   Milligram
g -   Gram¦


Maia, A.C.D., Dötterl, S., Kaiser, R., Silberbauer-Gottsberger, I., Teichert, H., Gibernau, M., Do Amaral Ferraz Navarro, D.M., Schlindwein, C., and Gottsberger, G. 2012. The key role of 4-methyl-5-vinylthiazole in the attraction of scarab beetle pollinators: a unique olfactory floral signal shared by Annonaceae and Araceae. J. Chem. Ecol. 38:1072-1080.
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