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Select a name from the list below to view its details:

Common Name - - Genus & Species
Ichimonji-seseri - - Parnara guttata
Illawarra plum pine aphid - - Neophyllaphis brimblecombei
Imported mealybug - - Pseudococcus importatus
Indian moon moth - - Actias selene
Indian sugar-cane leafhopper - - Pyrilla perpusilla
Indigo flash - - Rapala varuna
Inga fruit fly - - Anastrepha distincta
Inornate scale - - Aonidiella inornata
Inter-mountain leafhopper - - Empoasca filamenta
Io moth - - Automeris io
Iris borer - - Macronoctua onusta
Iris thrips - - Frankliniella iridis
Island fruit fly - - Dirioxa pornia
Italian pear scale - - Epidiaspis leperii
Ivy leafroller - - Cryptoptila immersana

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