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Floral volatiles of Magnolia salicifolia

Order:  Magnoliales
Family:  Magnoliaceae
Genus:  Magnolia
Author:  Maximowicz
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Azuma H  1997 
        ethyl benzoate 
        ethyl butyrate 
        ethyl hexanoate 
        ethyl isobutyrate 
        geranyl acetate 
        geranyl methylether 
        isobutyl 2-hydroxybenzoate 
        isobutyl acetate 
        isobutyl benzoate 
        isopentyl benzoate 
        isopentyl salicylate 
        linalool oxide 
        methyl angelate 
        methyl benzoate 
        methyl decanoate 
        methyl decenoate 
        methyl dodecanoate 
        methyl dodecenoate 
        methyl hexanoate 
        methyl hexenoate 
        methyl nerolate 
        methyl octanoate 
        methyl palmitate 
        methyl phenylacetate 
        methyl salicylate 
        methyl tetradecanoate 
        methyl tetradecenoate 
        methyl tiglate 
        neryl methylether 
        phenethyl acetate 
        propyl benzoate 
        pyranoid linalool oxide 
Yasukawa S  1992 
        cinnamyl alcohol 
        germacrene A 
        germacrene D 
        methyl benzoate 
        methyl dodecanoate 
        methyl octanoate 
        Z-cinnamyl alcohol 

Azuma, H., Toyota, M., Asakawa, Y., Yamaoka, R., Garcia-Franco, J.G., Dieringer, G., Thien, L.B., and Kawano, S. 1997. Chemical divergence in floral scents of Magnolia and allied genera (Magnoliaceae). Pl. Spec. Biol. 12:69-83.
Yasukawa, S., Kato, H., Yamaoka, R., Tanaka, H., Arai, H., and Kawano, S. 1992. Reproductive and poll. biology of Magnolia and its allied genera (Magnoliaceae) I. Floral volatiles of several Magnolia and Michelia species and their roles in attracting insects. Pl. Spec. Biol. 7:121-140.
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