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Floral volatiles of Jasminum sambac

Order:  Lamiales
Family:  Oleaceae
Genus:  Jasminum
Author:  Linnaeus
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Zhu LF  1984 
        benzyl acetate 
        cyclohexyl benzoate 
        cyclohexyl formate 
        E3-hexenyl butyrate 
        ethyl acetate 
        methyl anthranilate 
        methyl benzoate 
        methyl salicylate 
        trans-linalool oxide 
Bu X  1987 
        cis-linalool oxide 
        ethyl acetate 
        ethyl benzoate 
        lavender lactone 
        methyl acetate 
        methyl anthranilate 
        methyl benzoate 
        methyl salicylate 
        pyranoid linalool oxide 
        trans-linalool oxide 
        Z3-hexenyl butyrate 
Kaiser R  1988 
        benzyl acetate 
        benzyl benzoate 
        geranyl linalool 
        germacrene D 
        hexenyl benzoate 
        methyl anthranilate 
        methyl cis-jasmonate 
        Z-3,4-epo-hexyl benzoate 
Joulain D  1987 

Bu, X., Huang, A., and Sun, Y. 1987. Analysis of headspace volatile constituents jasmine (Jasminum sambac (L.) Aiton) flower. Acta Sci. Nat. Univ. Pekin. 6:53-60.
Joulain, D. 1987. The composition of the headspace from fragrant flowers: further results. Flav. Fragr. J. 2:149-155.
Kaiser, R. 1988. New volatile constituents of Jasminum sambac (L.) Aiton. Pp. 669684 in B. M. Lawrence, B. D. Mookherjee & B. J. Willis (eds.), Flavors and fragrances: a world perspective. Proc. 10th Int. Congr. Essential Oils. Elsevier Sci. Publ., Amsterdam.
Zhu, L.-F., Lu, B.-Y., and Luo, Y.-J. 1984. A preliminary study on the chemical constituents of headspace of Jasminium sambac (L.) Ait. Acta Bot. Sin. 26:189-194.
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