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Floral volatiles of Genus Anthemis

Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae
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Anthemis nobilis Linnaeus
Brunke EJ  1993 
        2me-2-butenyl acetate 
        2me-2-propenyl 2me-Z2-butenoate 
        2me-2-propenyl tiglate 
        2me-butyl angelate 
        2me-butyl isobutyrate 
        2-methylallyl methacrylate 
        3me-pentyl 2me-Z2-butenoate 
        3me-pentyl 3me-butanoate 
        3me-pentyl isobutyrate 
        3me-pentyl methacrylate 
        alpha-bisabolol oxide A 
        alpha-bisabolol oxide B 
        artemisia alcohol 
        artemisia ketone 
        butyl 3me-butanoate 
        butyl angelate 
        ethyl 2me-butanoate 
        ethyl isovalerate 
        hexyl propionate 
        isobutyl 2-me-butanoate 
        isobutyl 2me-me-Z2-butenoate 
        isobutyl acetate 
        isobutyl butyrate 
        isobutyl isobutyrate 
        isobutyl methacrylate 
        isopentyl acetate 
        isopentyl isobutyrate 
        isopentyl methacrylate 
        lavandulyl acetate 
        methyl benzoate 
        methyl tiglate 
        myrtenyl 2-methylbutanoate 
        myrtenyl methyl isobutyrate 
        pentyl angelate 
        propyl 2me-butanoate 
        propyl 2me-Z2-butenoate 
        Z3-hexenyl propionate 
        Z-isopentyl 2me-2-butenoate 
Anthemis aciphylla var. Discoidea Boiss.
Baser KH  2006 
        alpha-campholene aldehyde 
        gamma-campholene aldehyde 
        geranyl acetone 
        geranyl isovalerate 
        germacrene D 
        octyl 2-me-butanoate 
        octyl 3-me-butanoate 

Baser, K.H., Demirci, B., Iscan, G., Hashimoto, T., Demirci, F., Noma, Y., and Asakawa, Y. 2006. The essential oil constituents and antimicrobial activity of Anthemis aciphylla Boiss. var. discoidea Boiss. Chem. Pharm. Bull. 54:222-225.
Brunke, E.-J., Hammerschmidt, F.-J., and Schmaus, G. 1993. Flower scent of some traditional medical plants. Pp. 282295 in Teranishi, R., Buttery, R.G., and Sugisawa, H. (eds.), Bioactive volatile compounds from plants. American Chemical Soc. Symp. Ser. 525, Washington, DC.

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