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Floral Compounds - Carboxylic Acids

Compound MW   Formula
(E)-3-Methyl-2-pentenoic acid 114.14   C6H10O2
(E)-3-Methyl-4-decenoic acid 184.28   C11H20O2
(R)-2-Aminopropanoic acid 89.09   C3H7NO2
(Z)-3-Methyl-2-pentenoic acid 114.14   C6H10O2
(Z)-3-Methyl-3-decenoic acid 184.28   C11H20O2
(Z)-4-Decenoic acid 170.25   C10H18O2
(Z)-9-Hexadecenoic acid 254.41   C16H30O2
(Z)-9-Octadecenoic acid 282.47   C18H34O2
(Z,Z)-9,12-Octadecadienoic acid 280.45   C18H32O2
(Z,Z,Z)-9,12,15-Octadecatrienoic acid methyl ester 292.46   C19H32O2
2-Ethylheptanoic acid 158.24   C9H18O2
2-Ethylhexanoic acid 144.21   C8H16O2
2-Hydroxymethylbenzoic acid 152.15   C8H8O3
2-Methylbutanoic acid 102.13   C5H10O2
2-Methylpropanoic acid 88.11   C4H8O2
2-Phenylacetic acid 136.15   C8H8O2
3,4-Dimethoxybenzoic acid 182.17   C9H10O4
3-Methylbutanoic acid 102.13   C5H10O2
3-Methylpentanoic acid 116.16   C6H12O2
4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzoic acid 168.15   C8H8O4
4-Methoxybenzoic acid 152.15   C8H8O3
4-Methylhexanoic acid 130.18   C7H14O2
4-Methylpentanoic acid 116.16   C6H12O2
9-Hexadecenoic acid 254.41   C16H30O2
Acetic acid 60.05   C2H4O2
Benzoic acid 122.12   C7H6O2
Butyric acid 88.11   C4H8O2
Decanoic acid 172.26   C10H20O2
Decatrienoic acid 166.22   C10H14O2
Dimethylpropionic acid 102.13   C5H10O2
Dodecanoic acid 200.32   C12H24O2
Heptadecanoic acid 270.45   C17H34O2
Heptanoic acid 130.19   C7H14O2
Hexadecanoic acid 256.42   C16H32O2
Hexanoic acid 116.16   C6H12O2
Nonanoic acid 158.24   C9H18O2
Octadecanoic acid 284.48   C18H36O2
Octadecenoic acid 282.46   C18H34O2
Octanoic acid 144.21   C8H16O2
Pentadecanoic acid 242.4   C15H30O2
Pentanoic acid 102.13   C5H10O2
Propanoic acid 74.08   C3H6O2
Tetradecanoic acid 228.37   C14H28O2
Tridecanoic acid 214.34   C13H26O2
Undecanoic acid 186.29   C11H22O2

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