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Talanta - -  Talanta
Tec. Mol. - -  Tecnica Molitoria
Terre et la Vie - -  Terre et la Vie
Tetrahedron - -  Tetrahedron
Tetrahedron Lett. - -  Tetrahedron Letters
Theriogenol. - -  Theriogenology
Thesis Uni. Greenwich - -  Thesis of the University of Greenwich, UK
Thesis Uni. Hamburg - -  Thesis of the University of Hamburg, Germany
Thesis Uni. Hull - -  Thesis of the University of Hull, UK
Thesis Uni. Oldenburg - -  Thesis of the University of Oldenburg, Germany
Thesis Uni. Simon Fraser - -  Thesis of the University of Simon Fraser, Canada
Thesis Uni. Stellenbosch - -  Thesis of the University of Stellenbosch, SA
Thesis Uni. Texas - -  Thesis of the University of Texas, USA
Tip. Artig., Pavia - -  Tipografia Artigianelli, Pavia
Tohoku J. Agric. Res. - -  Tohoku Journal of Agricultural Research
Total Synth. Nat. Prod. - -  The Total Synthesis of Natural Products. J. ApSimon, eds., Wiley-Interscience, USA
Toxicon - -  Toxicon
Trans. Lipid. Soc. Jpn. - -   Transactions of e Lipids Society of Japan
Trop. Med. Parasitol. - -  Tropical Medicine and Parasitology
Trop. Pest Manag. - -  Tropical Pest Management
Trop. Root Crops - -  Tropical Root Crops in a developing economy. F. Ofori & S.K. Hahn, eds., Ghana
Trop. Zool. - -  Tropical Zoology
Tropics - -  Tropics
Turk. Entomol. Derg. - -  Turkiye Entomoloji Dergisi

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